Music and lyrics and laughter

Published August 2, 2022

A microphone and stool on stage under a purple spotlight with a curtain to the left

Did you know there’s stand up comedy on Apple Music?

I just found some recently, stumbled across it by complete accident, and I was surprised. Although, when I really thought about it, it does make sense. Old school stand up comedy used to be released on records, didn’t it, with people happily playing their favourite stand up on repeat.

I guess with the advent of stand up on DVDs, I’d never really thought about it being available in an audio only format.

My first discovery was Victoria Wood, which makes even more sense because she has such wonderful comedic songs in her set, so those being available on a service with ‘Music’ in the title stacked up. But that led me on to so many others - Jo Brand, Jack Whitehall, Sarah Millican, Rhod Gilbert, John Bishop.

It’s not obvious how to find it, you really have to search for someone and then go down a rabbithole of ‘similar artists’ to uncover any gems, but once you’re in that zone, there’s so much to enjoy. And all included for the price of your subscription! Such fun! (Ooh, I wonder if Miranda Hart’s on there…)

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