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Published June 30, 2022

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This was a really interesting 30 day challenge for me. For the first week or so, it went perfectly, and then, of course, life got a bit busy and I started to lose the plot. In my head, ‘take a photo every day’ had become ‘take an amazing photo and post it to your website every single day.’ That, I think we can all agree, is much more challenging.

So in the end it became a bit of a compromise. I absolutely have taken at least one picture every single day, but some of them haven’t been as good as I’d liked. Sometimes, occasionally, a photo posted to one day was actually taken the day before, but I feel like the 30 days of pictures I’ve posted are really a celebration of the best photos rather than a strict to the day record.

I learnt a lot in this challenge too. I already knew that good lighting makes a photo, of course it does. I’ve taken pictures during the golden hour and absolutely revelled in their beauty. But I hadn’t realised that lighting is EVERYTHING. This month saw a lot of those days that were sunny but cloudy, so you could be in bright sunshine one minute and then the clouds move in for a moment and repeat over and over again. The difference between the same photo in those moments was startling to me.

I also realised that I had perhaps set too high standards for posting photos to my website. It has to be amazing and something I’ve never posted before and come with a witty title and… why? Why can’t it just be a nice photo of a flower that I’ve taken that day. So I’m hoping to post more pictures in the future because I really love this snapshot of life.

Screenshot of photos page with selection of images taken across the 30 day challenge

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