Love your read, to read, my read

Published May 29, 2022

Open book in springtime grass with sunlight shining on it

I’ve gone down a bit of a subscription rabbit hole recently. In working through various replacements for household goods as I go through this zero-waste obsession, I’ve found a lot of things that offer subscriptions, so that if it’s something you get along with, you can have it turn up to your door without thinking too much about it. Given the current pricing pressures in the UK, subscriptions can be a bit hit and miss - it’s good to know what you are paying out and when, but on the flip side, it’s useful to have control and delay payments where necessary.

However, if there is space for a bit of a luxury subscription in your life, I really like the look of Love My Read. I’ve not subscribed to it myself, because I don’t really do physical books much anymore, but as a concept, I really love this. You pay for one of a few tier options and get a book delivered to you regularly, along with a few hand-picked items to make your reading experience that bit more special - snacks, tea bags, candles, postcards, bookmarks, that kind of thing.

Of course, books are widely available, so what’s really special about this subscription package is that the selections come from a widely respected group of curators, including Pandora Sykes, Caitlin Moran and Malorie Blackman. There are options for adults or kids, and gift subscriptions alongside your own. It all looks amazing.

I’ve got a backlog of digital book purchases to get through that’s going to take me… a lifetime… but once I’m done with that, I very well might sign up for this.

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