Kelly covers it all

Published May 27, 2022

Promotional image for The Kelly Clarkson show featuring Kelly Clarkson in a purple dress, and the tag line ’true colours, no filter.’

Often, if I have a spare minute to fill and I’m near an Apple TV, I’ll pop up YouTube and have a riffle through what the US chat shows have been up to. I’ve often posted here about Jimmy Fallon and James Cordon and the silly antics they get up to, but I’ve got a new go-to that I tend to check first - Kelly Clarkson. If you’d have asked me three years ago who could take up a new chat show and make it not only work but be amazing, I don’t know that Kelly would have been my first pick but she’s brilliant. Bubbly and obviously awesome, but also with a self-confessed over-competitiveness in the games, alongside a keen willingness to bond with her guests… it’s pure and frothy and I love the clips I find.

But even better than the guests and the games are the moments where Kelly takes the stage for Kellyoke - just the lady, her microphone, a backing band and a favourite song. It’s brilliant. Nine times out of ten, Kelly sings the song better than the original, because her voice is just that good.

It reminds me of the very early days of my online website presence when I had a section called Lyrics of the Day. It needs no explanation, clearly, and I’ll be honest, I was useless at keeping up with it. But really, the joy wasn’t in the posting and I’m sure there isn’t a huge market out there for just reading through random lyrics every day. The real joy was in the planning. My favourite songs, one a day, theme weeks, not too many Backstreet Boys please, that kind of thing. It’s joyous just sifting through music and remembering what you love.

And Kelly gets to do that, on stage, for her job, which is even better. Sharing modern songs, new releases, older classics and everything in between, you’re bound to find something you like. It’s also just been revealed that there’ll be an EP released next month, and I’m sure that will be the start of many. It’s only got six songs on it, and like the lady herself says:

“Over 500 songs later, and we’re still not running out of amazing artists to pay tribute to.”

Here’s to the next 500, and in the meantime, rather than sitting around picking out lyrics for each day of the year, I’ll be looking through the music archives to decide what I’ll sing for the first episode of my own eponymous chat show.

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