Good to be Troo

Published April 9, 2022

Drawing of three bowls of porridge with different toppings in each

My breakfast habits are inconsistent at best, but sometimes I get into a bit of a rhythm with porridge and enjoy eating it for a few days at a time. The thing about porridge is though, and forgive me because I really am just this lazy, it’s quite a lot of effort and banging around pots and pans in the morning when people are trying to sleep. You can do the overnight oats thing but that’s not quite the same, and that’s why I’ve previously fallen into the trap of the instant porridge pots.

But oof, the packaging on these is not good. Single use pots for one portion of breakfast whether recyclable or not (and usually not) is really not a good look.

I was searching around for various plastic-free initiatives and stumbled on Troo, a company focused on improved health and eco-friendly packaging mostly around breakfast time. There’s granola and porridge, syrups and teas, all with a focus on good gut health, getting sensible sleep and increasing natural energy. All good innovations, along with the eco-friendly packaging including the biodegradable bag on the cereals.

That all sounds great, obviously, but what really caught my attention was the fact the porridge (currently available in three flavours) is instant. So rather than individual packets, you’ve got a normal cereal-sized box of porridge, where you take out your portion and simply have to use the kettle to prepare it. Conscious of their impact on the earth AND time-saving? Now that’s what I’m talking about.

I bought a pack of the granola and a pack of the porridge as a test, and I’ve been so focused on the porridge that I’ve not had a chance to try the granola yet. But both have the compostable bag and cardboard box and I’m sure to buy more in the future!

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