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Published April 2, 2022

A comic style graphic of a girl reading a comic, all coloured in purple

I’ve dipped my toe into the comic book waters before, particularly when the official Back to the Future comics first launched. I quite enjoyed reading them but it’s not something that seriously stuck. If I’m honest that was mostly because I felt like they weren’t value for money - I 100% appreciate the talent and creativity that’s gone into creating the artwork and stories, but you can devour them so quickly… it feels like an expensive hobby.

However, we are a year or two on from that position now, I’m far more obsessed with the superhero universes out there, and I recently discovered Marvel Unlimited. A subscription price for access to thousands and thousands of comics? That’s more what I’m talking about.

So this new 30 day challenge is to read (at least) one comic book a day for 30 days. They’ll be all Marvel just by dint of me signing up for one month’s subscription to that service, but even that has so much variety within it - the old, the new, the Avengers, the X-Men, and weirdly (although not because Disney, right) Star Wars.

I’ll keep you posted what I read, if any of them grab me, and check back in 30 days to see if I’m going to keep this subscription going or not!

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