The remix you always wanted

Published March 26, 2022

The US chat shows did their best to struggle through the two-ish years of lockdown but now guests are appearing regularly in person again (questionable as that is), the entertainment value has shot right back up. This video absolutely brightened my day, with Kelly Clarkson hosting Anne Hathaway on her show and getting seriously competitive in a singing contest.

The job? Identify a song from the opening beats the band play and start singing it as soon as you recognise the tune. There are three reasons to love this video.

Firstly, Kelly Clarkson doesn’t know what Hanson is, even with Hathaway singing her best impression of it directly to her face.

Secondly, Kelly didn’t recognise her own song. That moment where Hathaway steps forward and belts out Since You Been Gone while her opponent falls to the ground in horror is genius.

Finally, the Queen/Vanilla Ice remix everyone has never asked for is on show, but more than that, I’m so impressed that Kelly knows ALL the words to the Vanilla Ice rap. I didn’t believe there was anyone on earth who knew more than Ice, Ice Baby, and to doodle along to the stolen bass line.

Amazing scenes.

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