Gin in a tin

Published March 20, 2022

Generally speaking, spirits such as gin, vodka, and rum, are packaged in nicely crafted glass bottles - very reusable, recyclable and perfectly acceptable in Christine’s new regime against unnecessary waste. However, I couldn’t help but be excited by the concept of Gin in a Tin and managed to get my hands on one. It looks like a sleek over-sized hip flask and it’s full of delicious sloe gin.

I thought this was genius.

A portrait of a tin of Gin in a Tin against a beige background

However, having cracked the tin open and had a sip, I’ve realised the fatal flaw in such a design. It’s absolutely impossible to know how much is left in the tin, if you’ve got enough for one more glass, and when/if it needs replacing. That’s why glass is clearly the superior product and whilst this is a fun little diversion, apparently not the future of gin distribution.

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