From pencil to panda

Published March 16, 2022

I’m halfway through my 30 Days of ShadowDraw challenge and really enjoying the chill vibes this month is giving me. The app allows you to pick a drawing and then effectively guides you through tracing how the picture comes together, so you end up with the finished result. I’m loving getting some use out of my Apple Pencil and occasionally feeling like I’m actually making some progress.

Occasionally, I have a bout of doubt and say ‘but this isn’t really me drawing, it’s just copying.’ And then Mr C said, quite profoundly, ’the Core Challenge was just you copying and you didn’t have any problems with that’. Which is true and beats that imposter syndrome down. I’m doing what I’m doing and I love it!

It took me a good week or so to actually get round to a panda, but it was worth the wait.

Otherwise, I’ve been experimenting with all different kinds of options - portraits, cartoons, trees, landscapes, line art, even drawing bits and pieces around some old classics like the Mona Lisa and the Scream. It’s great fun!

A selection of saved drawings on the ShadowDraw app

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