Right to the core

Published March 1, 2022

Thirty day challenge logo

The good news is my second attempt at a thirty day challenge was more successful than the first, in that I actually managed to do the thing every day for the full thirty days. In case you missed it, February’s task was to do the 30 Day Core Challenge that Apple Fitness+ had very kindly put up I suspect especially for me.

And I did it! The first fifteen days were five minute workouts, and the second half was full of ten minute workouts, and I managed to do every single one, every single move (not always pretty but I tried), every single minute.

Core moves

So let’s be honest, it’s not made that much difference, I don’t suddenly feel like a whole new person or anything. But I do think I can hold a plank for a bit longer than I could before. More than anything, it’s made me realise that adding a 5 or 10 minute core workout on to your daily exercise is actually super easy and probably really worthwhile, so annoyingly, I think I’m going to try and keep it up.

And while we’re talking about keeping up habits, my Duolingo streak (from January’s challenge) is at 57 days now. I’m okay with missing the occasional day and using up streak freezes, as long as I keep on revisiting - and so far, so good. Now what next for March?

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