One Shot update

Published January 23, 2022

Back in November, I wrote a post/whinge about how difficult it was to track down the Marvel One Shot shorts that complement the main series. They were all over the place, some as film extras, some their own thing on Disney+, some not appearing anywhere official. Well! Disney must have been listening because they’ve just released all the One Shots as their own special episodes on the Disney+ streaming service.

Marvel One Shots

Not only are the original ones there, but also three more I hadn’t heard of: Team Thor, Team Thor Part II, and Team Darryl. Thor trying to fit in with normal human everyday things is genuinely one of the best things about the early Marvel Cinematic Universe days. Hanging about in an office, dictating an email to a reluctant Darryl? Yes please.

Thanks Disney for making it just that bit easier to continue obsessing over everything Marvel.

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