Time to grow

Published December 2, 2021

Red pepper

Having previously tried a bit of gardening this year and not done very well, I’m more interested in the successes and failures of other people than I might have expected. Combine this interest with an enjoyment of gorgeous time lapse videos and you get Boxlapse - a YouTube channel that focuses on growing various veggies and showing how they evolve over time. I discovered these videos via Kottke, who recommended the red bell pepper video, but I personally adore this side on view of potatoes growing under the soil.

This is a serious investment in video making - growing things takes time, you know. But what a fantastic result, it’s completely worth it. It’s almost like art, watching how these things can turn from a tiny seed to a huge, bustling plant. The way nature changes, grows, evolves, it’s just endlessly fascinating.

There are other videos on the channel, including fruits rotting and close ups of snails eating things but it is the plants finding new life that I highly recommend, I find it a really hopeful thing to watch.

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