Television top trumps

Published December 3, 2021

TV with pink lights

It’s the time of year where everyone, including me, starts posting top ten this and top five that, highlights and lowlights of the year gone by. The Guardian have kicked things off with the first part of their top 50s, specifically top books, albums, films and TV shows. Reading this list made me wonder if I need to think about what TV shows would make an end-of-year list. Pulling together my top albums of each year is a wrench, so I can only imagine TV would be far worse.

As I kept reading, I realised that the biggest problem would be remembering what TV shows I’ve watched this year, and which I’ve watched that were released this year, rather than in previous years/decades. In The Guardians’ 50-41 of top TV was The Flight Attendant, which was absolutely brilliant but a) I had forgotten about it and b) was that really this year? Incredible!

The only way I manage to keep track of the gorgeous but overwhelming amounts of TV that are out there is via the TV Forecast app, which I have mentioned before. That’s the real winner of the year, for me.

Other TV tracking apps are available but this one is my personal preference. It’s quite simple and does the job well, and more than anything it has made me actually finish shows. I really can’t overstate how much having a checklist of episodes has forced me (in a good way) to commit and get to the end of things. The app has been updated a couple of times since I wrote about it, to include wish lists and archives, both of which are really useful. I wouldn’t be without it.

I guess the only thing it’s missing is the ability to understand when I personally watched something, for example to be able to say “show me what I have watched this year.” I can see get a good idea of that from the things I’ve chosen to write about here (although a sizeable portion of it has been Marvel related… sorry, non-Marvel fans) but I’ve watched so many things this year, thanks to the app, that it’s hard to remember everything.

But, now I’m really thinking about it, there’s been so much good TV this year that I really don’t want to have to narrow it down ot five or ten. Everything is fine as it is, and I’ll let The Guardian do the hard work for me.

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