Beyond Bond

Published December 28, 2021

James Bond outline

I finally managed to watch the latest James Bond installment last month, having already had a few spoilers before managing to get it on screen. And then I read a post that sparked an interest in me that I kept meaning to write about… but then Christmas happened and now this terrible year is almost over and everyone has moved on, but hey. I’m still thinking about 007!

This Guardian article particularly got me thinking, as it asked a few high profile writers what they would do following the surprising ending to No Time to Die. There will be more films but what form will they take following the culmination of Daniel Craig’s Bond story.

I have to say, my favourite thing about that article is that one of the writers they talk to appears to not be a James Bond fan and is inexplicably the first person they feature. They haven’t seen the film, didn’t know the twist, and their advice is just ‘carry on as if it never happened, everything can be explained away.’ Which is an option, obviously, but I’d hoped for a little bit more insight!

Other suggestions, though, include following the story from the next generation of Bonds (which would be a female switch, as well, something many have been clamouring for), or the next generation of 007s (for which we have already seen a fantastic candidate in No Time to Die), or just go back to the good old-fashioned reboot (that being the problem, of course, that it’s old-fashioned).

Personally, I think any of these options would work. There’s always a desire to see spy movies from days gone by, and no reason they can’t keep up with the times whilst also being period pieces. Equally, the franchise can expand from James Bond to 007 and then it’s open to anyone with an interesting character to portray. The only problem to watch out for there is the Jeremy Renner in Bourne situation, but it can also be done well.

What is most fun about our current Bond situation is that we’re not just talking about who will play the next Bond, the same age old question that’s doing the rounds for the next Doctor Who series as well, but also what form the next film will take. The conversation has expanded and that can only be a good thing.

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