Strictly Come Dancing 2021, Week 10 thoughts

Published November 29, 2021

Strictly Come Dancing glitterball

The show was only just over an hour this week, and it was really clear how few people are left when they were all waiting at the bottom of the stairs for the action to begin. Just six couples left and three spots in the final. Things are getting tough!

Poor Motsi had to miss this show so we had the wonderful Cynthia Erivo back again, and it was very clear that she’d stepped right into Motsi’s shoes when it came to not putting up with any of Craig’s nonsense. The booing was a bit much this week though, even if he is sometimes overly grumpy, he’s usually got a point.

Rose & Giovanni - Paso Doble

This was better than the training footage made it out to be, although bookended with problems. The fan didn’t work at the start, and they tripped over each other’s feet at the end. Everything in between was good though. Excellent song, and I really felt the mood. Good comments from the judges to kick things off. Also, adored Rose’s pimp-my-hearing-aid section.

Dan & Nadiya - Rumba

I liked the training footage where Dan turned the tables on Nadiya and used his interview skills to question her about her favourite dance. It started off well, I think it got a bit worse as time went on, and there wasn’t enough hip action, obviously. But it was a lot better than I thought it would be - and not at all cringe, which is all I ask from a rumba. Dan had such a great reaction to the comments, positive and negative, it’s no wonder people are voting for him.

AJ & Kai - Couple’s Choice

I love this song, and it was a great mix of dance styles to fit. Pretty sure Kai wanted to be Michael Jackson. There were good accents to the dance, incredible lifts. I wasn’t so keen on the bits joining those elements together, but once again you can’t question AJ’s talent. The judges really loved it, I thought it would be a 40 from their comments, but the scores were a bit all over the place.

Rhys & Nancy - Waltz

Three things required for the waltz, says Nancy: storytelling, frame and footwork. Can Rhys do it? The waltz is so boring, I didn’t really bother to check for those things after a while. I did think he was doing a good job of controlling the energy, it was a good dance for him. Tess really annoyed me afterwards though: “Are you having a little cry?” she asked in the most patronising voice ever. He’s not four, Tess, he’s allowed to have emotions.

Tilly & Nikita - Samba

Tilly is really good on skates! Great dress and lovely eye make up, but the actual dancing wasn’t the best I’ve seen. It’s such a hard one, the samba, apart from the great shimmies, I’m not sure she had the rest down. It didn’t really suit her, and the comments reflected that, although the judges did try and find positives in it.

John & Johannes - Argentine Tango

Trying to make the lifts look dainty is tricky when you’ve got two muscley blokes doing them, but they made it look really good. Although the intensity and character was there and John looked much more into it than he did the last couple of weeks, it did seem like he was still concentrating on the steps just a bit too much. Still, standing ovation from the judges and almost a perfect score. And MARY ACTUAL BERRY. Worth a vote just for that.

Barring anything odd, the finalists look sure to be Rose, AJ and John. Dan is arguably the weakest dancer there at the moment, but has the votes, that usually only gets people so far. Tilly and Rhys are next in line, and it was they who faced the dance off this week. Poor Tilly didn’t really stand a chance with the samba, making it another example of it being the dance of death for any participating couple.

Still, quarter finals next week, how much longer can Dan hold on?

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