Outside the law

Published November 24, 2021

The Outlaws

It feels like you can’t move for seeing good press about The Outlaws, the recent comedy from Stephen Merchant. I finished watched it a week or so ago, and it was so good, I just wanted to add to the celebration of such a good show. Here are five things to love about it:

  1. The cast. From relative unknowns to the supremely famous Christopher Walken (how on earth did that happen?), the cast are a real odd mix of people… which is kind of the point! The show centres on a group that are forced to do community service together and it is how the different viewpoints clash and interact that make for some of the funniest and most interesting moments of the series.
  2. The lorry. In doing the rounds for promoting the show, Merchant was constantly having to explain that picture of the wardrobe lorry in the river. Awkward. But also somehow a great piece of promo for the show, as it’s about people not quite sticking to the rules, either on purpose or just because that’s how life goes.
  3. The Banksy. In the final moments of the final episode, Christopher Walken paints over a genuine Banksy artwork. That is all.
  4. The parents. The core cast are great but there were a few exceptional pop up characters too, particularly the parents - Nina Wadia as an overprotective mother and Richard E. Grant as an aloof and distant father. Amazing.
  5. The fact that we know there’s a second series. The two series were filmed back to back, so it’s great to know before you’ve even finished that there’s more joy where this comes from!
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