A new Dawn (and Jen)

Published September 19, 2021

French & Saunders Audible podcast

I used to be an incredible podcast fanatic, but my interest has waned steadily over the past few years. The prevalance of celebrities picking a genre and talking to other celebrities about it got boring for me, so I moved on to audiobooks and music instead. The other trend that seemed to be a move in the wrong direction for podcasts was the silo effect - exclusive podcasts to various platforms, Audible being one of the main players in that space.

However, even I couldn’t ignore a new French & Saunders podcast, called Titting About. The wonderful duo just spend a half hour discussing a topic together, reminiscing and cracking jokes, and most importantly making each other laugh - we’re just a fly on the wall as the good friends spend time together.

A second series just dropped, bringing the total number of episodes up to 12, with topics covered such as school, holidays and, of course, kissing Brad Pitt. I love Dawn French so much that I have to recommend this, if you’ve got an Audible subscription, dive in and never look back!

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