Cougar Town - what's in a name?

Published March 27, 2021

Cougar Town

I’ve been loving the new Star content that was released on Disney+ in the UK recently, and one of the first things I checked out was Cougar Town. Featuring the lovely Courtney Cox and a lot of people that used to be in Scrubs, the show revolves around a really tight-knit group of family and friends as they navigate divorce, new relationships, new parenthood, empty nests, and lots of other things.

I’m annoyed it took me so long to watch it because after a couple of episodes, I really was hooked. The moments where the whole group are just sitting around bantering with each other are golden. Following the life and times of so many enormous glasses of wine was great fun. And I really loved the episodes that featured Jules (Cox) not understanding a film or pop culture reference. The Groundhog Day one was excellent.

But I realised, towards the end of the series, that the reason I love it is this show is exactly what Friends would have turned into if it had continued on. The 30-somethings becoming 40-somethings and dealing with the more mature themes that come with long term relationships, mid-life crises and the moment when your kids grow up and start living their own life.

It was quite weird, then, when the Friends would make guest appearances, quite jarring in fact. The Matthew Perry episode, whilst lovely to see them together again, really messed with my head!

But regardless, it was wonderful and one of those series where it totally makes sense that it ended where it did, most of the storylines had played out and it would have been a stretch to keep coming up with more… and yet I still wish there was more of it.

Never mind, though, there’s still plenty of other things on Star to dip my teeth into. Desperate Housewives next?

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