Factory fresh

Published February 19, 2021

Berries and yoghurt

In my last post I mentioned that Inside the Factory inspired my purchase of a casserole dish. If you’re not aware, the show features Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey visiting various factories around the country, sometimes world, to find out how our staples are made. It’s always interesting to see how a factory works, how the weird machines do what they do, and our hosts give us lots of fascinating facts and figures along the way.

The latest episode went behind the scenes in a yoghurt factory - let’s not talk about the many different spellings of yoghurt. And whilst there is usually a feature or two to break up the journey from raw material to finished product, this episode seemed absolutely stuffed with fascinating items. Here’s a breakdown of what was covered:

  • A visit to the farm that supplies the milk, the cows, some soil science. Gregg’s face when he learned how to milk a cow.
  • Cherry teams up with the awesome Dr Stuart to look at the different types of milk, for example, almond, oat, hemp, and how they are all good for different things. Also featured making yorkshire puddings which I tried recently and failed
  • Back to the factory, where they do so much testing on the milk before it gets anywhere near being made into yoghurt
  • Ruth Goodman delves into the history of milk floats, lovely electric machines that they are
  • Cherry helps harvest the blackcurrents - not as much fun as the tree shaking from the cider episode
  • Blackcurrents get added to the yoghurts
  • Ruth again looks into scones, jam, cream, which goes first, that old debate. This episode is making me hungry.
  • Cherry visits a factory that recycles plastic, and introduces us to the 100% recycled yoghurt container.
  • Yoghurt is made, packaging and dispatch send it out into the wider world.

And that’s just one episode. The previous two episodes dived into a really old school sock factory, and the aforementioned cider episode which was tree-shakingly good. If you haven’t seen this show yet, you should definitely give it a go, if only for Gregg’s wild excitement at the smallest things.

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