Fitness is a work in progress

Published January 23, 2021


It’s been about a month that Apple Fitness+ has been out in the wide world and I’ve been using it pretty consistently since then. I wrote some thoughts when the service initially launched and I thought it would be worth an update.

My bottom line feelings haven’t changed: it’s a great addition to my fitness schedule but it doesn’t replace anything wholely. I turn to it when the main aim of my workout is closing my rings because having the visuals up on screen really helps achieve those goals. When I’m after something a bit more intense, Les Mills is still my go to.

Fitness+ really is incredibly engaging and welcoming for absolute beginners but I’m only just starting to realise there’s a lot in there for slightly higher levels as well. Mostly, I’ve learned that because I can never get more than middle of the pack on the burn bar, but hey, something to work towards, right?

There have been a few updates and developments over the past few weeks and I’m really glad to see the service adapting and growing. Along with the refresh of content (about 24 new classes added every seven days!) they’ve added a weekly update video where one of the trainers gives a bit of insight into what’s new as well as a push for something in the wider world. Whether that’s getting one of the special Fitness badges or just celebrating a particular day, it’s nice to go into the week with a bit of context.

They’ve also added Instagram links for every trainer, which is useful because after a month I’m starting to pick out some favourites. Jamie-Ray’s HIIT classes are particularly fun, I love Sam’s strength workouts, but my absolute favourite is Jessica’s yoga sessions. This is a standout area that has beaten the competition for me. I’m a yoga novice and Jessica explains the moves well, giving plenty of options because hey, not everyone can do a Bird pose.

I said this last time, but it bears repeating - it’s going to be so interesting to see how this service grows and develops with the feedback and data that Apple get. With home workouts becoming the norm, it’s an area that has the opportunity to be a really rich experience so watch this space!

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