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Published May 11, 2020

The Mandolorian

It’s felt like a really long time since there was a new Star Wars thing coming out that people were really excited about and then when it came out, they actually liked it. Usually all you seem to get is moans from the hardcore fanbase about how it doesn’t work or doesn’t fit the canon.

I feel like that’s not the case with The Mandolorian, and all I have heard about it is good. I can totally see why. I was gutted we had to wait such a long time to be able to watch this in the UK, particularly as it was impossible to avoid the Baby Yoda memes and I could only see from a distance the cuteness that was in store for us.

But it was worth the wait. What a fantastic show. I loved the completely Western vibe of one person against the world, great music, incredible visuals (I mean, truly, better than the films, right?) and a fascinating story, plus such good acting that you feel everything Mando is going through despite the fact you never see his face…

So much to love and still so much potential of places to go. What is the Baby Yoda, why do they want him so badly, what is Mando going to do with him, what about the people we have left behind, when will we be getting the gang back together? I cannot wait for series two.

Also, I’ve been thinking more recently about trying to get into instrumental soundtracks as this is an area I have been lacking in my musical life in the past. The Mandolorian has a soundtrack for every single episode, which on the one hand feels like overkill but on the other hand gives me plenty of scope for future listening. I loved the music on the show, it somehow manages to merge together Western tropes with the sci-fi oddities that Star Wars brings. Impressive.

And finally, releasing an episode a week at the moment is the Doctor Who Confidential equivalent style show - Disney Gallery: The Mandolorian, which takes a deep dive look into the making of the show. The first episode featured each of the directors telling their story and how they brought their own vision to the show, and the roundtable discussions were fascinating.

It feels like there’s going to be a lot more to come from this incredible show, whether it is more episodes, more music, or just more Baby Yoda. I’m here for all of it.

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