Never not wrong

Published May 9, 2020


I’m officially obsessed with Mischief Theatre and their unique brand of comedy that is essentially messing things up on purpose. I’ve talked about them a couple of times before, but the joy of their Goes Wrong shows is how meticulously crafted it is to make it look so bad.

The TV series that aired earlier in the year was a real highlight over Christmas and January, every episode had me in stitches. So I was happy to see the Goes Wrong Along rewatch that’s been happening over the past few weeks with everyone involved sharing their insights. It wasn’t just people tweeting about the show while they’re watching, but the cast actually filmed themselves sharing behind the scenes snippets and insider information.

For each episode, they gathered together the clips so you can get all the insight in one place.

It’s great to hear some of the things that didn’t make the cut, how the effects were managed, or some of the thinking behind the jokes. I couldn’t believe that the additional adjectives bit came out of the real situation - that’s one of the best things of the episode and it wasn’t in the original script!

Also that the series aired in a different order to what was expected. I had spotted a couple of the easter eggs but they make more sense in the order things were supposed to go.

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