More Mastermind - Shaken and a little bit stirred

Published May 17, 2020

I’ve seen a couple more Mastermind editions that have caught my attention but this one came via a slightly different route. I wasn’t expecting to see a James Bond quiz on the BBC Sport site but there it was. Darren Bent, footballer, chose the super spy as his specialist subject but didn’t do as well as he might have hoped.

Mastermind chair

The poor guy only managed to get one of his questions right, but having seen them, I’m not sure I would have done much better. The BBC have put an interactive quiz version of the questions up and have made it multiple choice - that meant I could actually answer quite a few - but faced with just the questions, like below, I would have done very poorly.

  1. Who directed the first two Bond films, Dr No and From Russia with Love? He later returned to direct Thunderball.
  2. In Goldfinger, several prominent American crime families are involved in a plan called Operation Grand Slam. Their objective is to rob which building complex?
  3. When Bond visits the offices of the industrial mogul, Mr Osato, in You Only Live Twice, he uses the name Fisher and claims to represent a British chemicals company. What’s the name of the company?
  4. In The World is Not Enough, Bond has been assigned to protect Elektra King, whose family’s company, King Industries, is building an oil pipeline. M initially sends Bond to a country on the Caspian Sea. Which country?
  5. In Skyfall, Bond jumps on the back of a rush hour District Line tube train in pursuit of Raoul Silva. At which underground station does Bond ‘board’ the train?
  6. In the film On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, the shots that kill Bond’s new wife, Teresa, are fired by Blofeld’s assistant. What’s her name?
  7. Eon Productions, which makes the James Bond films, was founded by Albert ‘Cubby’ Broccoli and a Canadian film producer, who had worked on the kitchen sink dramas Look Back in Anger and Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. What was his name?
  8. At the end of Quantum of Solace, when M tells Bond “I need you back”, what is Bond’s reply?
  9. In Die Another Day, the villainous entrepreneur, Gustav Graves, designs a satellite with a silver skin, which he claims will “inhale the sun’s light and breathe it gently upon the Earth’s surface”. What’s the name of the satellite?
  10. In Licence to Kill, Bond offers to pay a great deal of money if the C.I.A. informant Pam Bouvier can get him a plane to help him in pursuit of the drugs baron, Franz Sanchez. Which fictional city does he want to fly to?
  11. What’s the title of the theme song to the 2006 Bond film Casino Royale, written by David Arnold and Chris Cornell and sung by Cornell?
  12. In Moonraker, which flower does Drax describe as “the curse of a civilisation” because long term exposure to it causes sterility?

Answers here.

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