Learning from the best

Published May 25, 2020

The ongoing lockdown continues to evolve and I have found it fascinating to see how the creative types have been trying to keep themselves entertained. Plenty are trying to keep doing what they usually do just in a different way. Some are providing distraction for others, and there’s another subset who are using their time to try and impart wisdom to others.

I missed this at the time, but Radio 1 have been getting artists to give music lessons, sharing an insight into how to play one of their songs. A few people have participated so far - Niall Horan gives a good go on the guitar, Sigrid gets to grips with Strangers on the piano, but my personal favourite is Danielle Haim showing us a deceptively simple riff for The Steps.

I spend a significant amount of time feeling a bit jealous of people who are stupidly talented and can whip music up at the touch of an instrument. But what this series has done is open my eyes a little that, they’re just humans after all. Niall’s opening monologue shows he’s got a bit of imposter syndrome about how he learned his craft. Sigrid basically admits she’s making it up as she goes along depending how she feels on the day.

I’m still jealous, but I like this glimpse of artists letting their guard down a little.

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