Miranda's what-I-call celebration

Published January 4, 2020


This week, the BBC aired a celebration of Miranda Hart’s self-titled sitcom that has been in our lives for ten years already. That seems like a bizarre amount of time to have passed but what would we have done without it? I remember bidding the show a fond farewell at the time it left our screens and it was so nice to revisit our beloved characters just a few years later.

Here are a few reasons I loved the celebration, and also the show itself:

  • Feeling good about yourself is one of the main things that Miranda learns along her journey, and one of the key elements of the final few episodes. We saw this front and centre in the celebration show as well - Miranda talking about how she finally came to love herself and how we all should do the same, no matter what shape or size or format we are.
  • I hadn’t realised quite how women were at the forefront of this series. Obviously in front of the camera it was all about the women but it was pointed out that they were behind the camera as well, directors, producers, etc, bringing together a fantastic show!
  • Music is another key element of the show, with Miranda and friends singing along to a variety of hits depending on the situation. But I did think when watching McFly and Ronan Keating singing on the New Year’s show that not only did Miranda encourage you to love yourself, but also to love whatever music you like. Some might call it corny, but you know what? If you like it, love it.
  • It was so nice to see how humble and thankful Miranda is, so clear that she’s grateful and still a little overawed at how successful the show was. It’s a real humility too, not that weird showbiz thing. Recognising and appreciating your talents whilst staying grounded and thankful for the opportunities too. A very difficult balance.
  • Mostly, this ten year anniversary celebration was just a great reason to watch the show again. Seeing so many characters popping up made me remember how many brilliant people are in it! Definitely time for a rewatch. SUCH FUN!
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