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Published January 2, 2020

iPhone app placement

Everyone has their own unique way of dealing with the apps on their phone. Some are very organised, keep everything in folders, download an app, try it, store it or immediately delete it. Others, like me, are a bit more haphazard about things: lots of apps that have been downloaded to try, lots of things taking up space that don’t need to, half-hearted folders and a bit of a mish-mash of everything going on.

In an effort to be a bit more like the former, I tidied up my iPhone apps over Christmas. Of course now I can’t find anything but that’s okay, it’s going to be a lot nicer experience, I’m sure of it. In the course of my tidying frenzy, I accidentally deleted the Apple News app. I’m not subscribed to the plus service anymore, but still pop in there every now and again.

I went to re-download the app and had a sudden revelation. What would make life just that tiny bit easier would be an option to choose, when you download an app, where it goes. Either picking the screen you want it on, or even which folder you would like it inside. I don’t know quite the technicalities that would involve, maybe it’s very difficult, but I feel like a second screen with a mock-up of your app layout would be the first step.

Otherwise, in this instance, I downloaded the app, had to find where it had put itself, initiate the edit layout options, drag and drop the app into the relevant position, and select done. By no means a hard task, by no means a difficult thing to do. But I do think having to do those steps is why my phone occasionally (always) gets into the state it does, with apps here, there and everywhere, and me having no clue what’s going on.

So it’s not a groundbreaking thing but perhaps just another entry for the Apple Suggestion Box.

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