Strictly Come Dancing 2019, Week 6 thoughts

Published October 28, 2019

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Oh, Halloween week. And this time someone is dancing to the Backstreet Boys. Hooray! I’m surprised that we haven’t started hearing all about Blackpool yet, but perhaps that is the next milestone? Who will get there? Read on!

Hope Will gets better soon, oof! And Neil! Although I have to say, Kevin, of course, fits Ghostbusters very well. Loving that the name patch clearly has space for four letters but has squeezed in Kev instead.

In Anton and Emma’s training video, Anton appeared to be playing snap with just one pile of cards, which is clever. The dance was quite good but I’m not totally sure. The song was weird, and the make up may have been hiding the passion. Emma is really good though.

Oh posh Emma. I’m not really on board with people who can just pull a haunted mansion out of their pockets. Loving the concept based on Cluedo but… not great footwork. Making the faces but still somehow lacking character.

It’s Chris and Karen doing the Backstreet Boys. Good, but clearly this is a year for top sambas and this one isn’t one of them. It was better than I was expecting from him. The end went a bit wrong!

The cat with Aj’s lips is the creepiest thing I have ever seen. If this is new Sabrina, I need to watch more than just the first episode. It was so fast, she kept up with it amazingly, although I wasn’t convinced the posture was quite right. I can’t believe Craig said this was the first thing he had enjoyed. So harsh.

I am scared of Mike’s White Rabbit. Not great. Armography the best thing but off with his head, I’m over it. Is Katya the new Anton?

Karim’s Stranger Things VT is annoying me for some reason. Even though I like the concept. Mr C and I had a massive diversion talking about the music and songs, loving the synth pop! Anyway, bit weird that babyface Karim is being a 12 year old boy, but he’s very good. Still just needs to calm it all down.

Catherine and Johannes - not a great cha cha but she looks amazing and sells it well. Don’t know if her legs are straight enough. Like Motsi said, top half epic, bottom half not so good.

Did Michelle introduce Gio to the Addams family by making him watch the second one only? That gives me issues but also the second one is the best one. Lot of smoke to start with but unveiled good footwork. Such a great frame, and a fantastic dance. Loved it! Top scoring.

Billie Eilish, epic. Kelvin, good. Not sure how the song fits the vampire thing but I’ll go with it. Epic work, them all chatting about a mistake that we had to rewatch to even see. Epic. 10s!

Alex and Kevin. With everything in mind, it is the greatest thing I have ever seen. Moonwalking. Kevin is an absolute rockstar. She is good at the things she can do, and I can’t believe how much she’s having to lead him. And she’s picked him up! You take it for granted how much they rely on their partner until something like this happens. Different kind of 9s, 9s because you are epic.

I can believe who was in the bottom two but I cannot believe the way it went. Catherine may have struggled this week but seriously… that White Rabbit nonsense is staying another week? Gonna miss Johannes enormously, he was a breath of fresh air in this competition.

Still, looking forward to them going back to normality next week, and maybe actually being able to see their faces!

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