Strictly Come Dancing 2019, Week 5 thoughts

Published October 21, 2019

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This week, guest judge Alfonso Ribeiro sat in for Bruno Tonioli. He did the same thing last year, but I wasn’t watching then, so it was the first time I’ve seen him in action. Such fun! It was actually quite nice to have a bit of a different line up, I wouldn’t want there to be guest judges every week, but it’s no bad thing to hear from different voices. Anyway, on with the notes as it happened:

The entrance from everyone down the stairs… what a difference from week 1 when they were all so shy!

Oti and Kelvin - isn’t it just rubbing it in to dance to Aston’s song? I really like the advice “If in doubt, think of Aljaž. FFS it was so good! He has been wasting his second career as a racing driver.

David looks better than he has done before, but I really do think it must be so hard to do jive for a tall guy. Carlton got him to let it go and scream, amazing!

Catherine said “You’re the nicest person in the land” which is like she’s in a fairytale. Johannes is epic. Good dance, not sure about the posture and maybe missing a bit of angst, I think. They’re both too nice.

Ugh, Hacker the Dog. UGH. Karim has ALL the tricks but not enough hips. Why does Amy have flat shoes on? That feels weird. Motsi said he was leading her but I couldn’t really see a lot of evidence of that. I can’t believe they got a 10! That’s crackers.

Expected Michelle’s rumba to be epic and she really pulled it off. Wasn’t as romantic as I thought it might be. The judges agreed, it was missing something but they found it quite hard to put their finger on exactly what.

Emma and Anton, a few mistakes from less rehearsal time, but it turned out really good. Seemed to work their way into it, the second half was better than the first.

Alex and Neil appear to be sharing airpods in their training footage… they obviously haven’t figured out the new bluetooth sharing thing or they haven’t updated their phones. What a bizarre version of the song! Good swivel and actually a pretty good job losing your inhibitions from someone who’s not an actress.

Viscountess Emma. I was most worried about the band doing a good job on the song, which thankfully they did. The dance was fine but I don’t know if it was special enough? I was NOT expecting that score.

Katya explaining Fresh Prince to Mike is hilarious, he has no clue. Not a fan of this dance, potentially the worst Samba rolls I’ve ever seen. Carlton made it palatable but Craig is spot on. It was awful.

Will and Janette. So last week I said contemporary was not my thing. Turns out it just needed more Will and Janette. Incredz. That’s a 40. You’re crying. No wait, EVERYONE’S CRYING. Not a 40?? Undermarked.

I feel bad for Chris, having to follow that. He’s funny though. He has the character, perhaps not the best technique yet. Picked the show back up again though. “I’ve never had a normal conversation with you,” he said to Tess, “I’m always knackered.”

Unfortunately I’m just not a fan of Saffron and Aj, but they do a plenty good enough job. I do think his advice of “just don’t drop the cane” isn’t particularly helpful.

So, Kelvin did the perfect dance and is fourth on the leaderboard. Will broke literally everyone in the studio and is sixth. What is going on?

So, Mr C was just starting to give up raging at David and willing him to leave, and now he’s gone anyway. I do think Mike might be next, because everyone else is just a step above in their level. We’ve got some really interesting weeks coming up!

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