Ready for the weekend with Friday show fun

Published October 19, 2019

I can’t commit to listening to Beats 1 on a regular basis, as much as I love what they’re doing on the Apple Music platform – but there’s one thing I try very hard not to miss, and that’s Julie Adenuga’s Friday show. It’s Fridaaaaaaaaay.

Friyay in Scrabble tiles

I love Julie, and her weekday show is excellent, crammed with music and interviews that sometimes veer slightly too grime for my tastes but otherwise are eminently enjoyable and listenable. However, when you get to the Friday show, things really shift into gear.

Everyone’s in a good mood anyway, because it’s Friday, but things kick loose on that show in a way you can never predict. Julie brings in one of her friends – usually Joe Walker or Rebecca Judd (I love, love, love the interactions between Julie and Judd), and a special guest from the music or entertainment world.

They run through the day’s new music, it being new music Friday, and review the songs, eventually picking their favourite from the current week’s batch. But the fun comes from the banter and the games, which usually lead to hysterical laughter and even more banter. The games are simple – they play a variant of 20 questions guess who, as well as a very fun but pretty impossible music clip guessing game.

It’s the chatter between Julie and her guests that is brilliant, at once making you wonder what on earth is going on in the studio whilst also making you feel like you’re there. The moments where Judd gets confused about something obvious, or Julie takes the side of an argument that is hard to defend (a recent example not from a Friday show was hating mangoes, for which almost everyone disagreed), those are the ones that are the most fun.

It’s a really good listen that gives you those lovely Friday vibes… even if you can’t quite listen live and end up replaying it back on Saturday. Still counts.

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