Strictly Come Dancing 2019, Week 3 thoughts

Published October 7, 2019

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This week, I was not very well and had to watch Strictly without a glass of wine in hand which was a different experience. Although I was a bit delirious from the cold meds, so it probably added up to the same thing.

It was movie week, of course, and full of drama during the week of build up and on the night itself. Craig and the teeth! Katya falling over many times! Dev covering everyone and everything in blue body paint!

What else happened? Here’s a stream of consciousness from the night itself:

Friday It Takes Two panel all said David James would be out and I agree with them.

Like Tess’ dress.

Michelle feels the pressure from being a judge of others, and now being judged. Really hard song, time changes and beat dropping out, then super fast. Amazing.

Alex and Neil, rumba. Oof, I’ve never been a fan of the rumba. Neil being the sea is weird, but hey. It’s good. Not sure it’s technical enough for the judges, but I quite like that it wasn’t a super romantic rumba.

I think Chris and Karen have too much fun in training, it’s a wonder they get anything done. Better than I was expecting it to be. A few issues on the top half, frame maybe. But good compared to week 1.

Panda samba! Outfit hides the hips a bit. Timing an issue. Too much energy, stilted.

Catherine had nothing to complain about this week, it’s a slow dance, no spinning. She can act it too. Very well done, I mean, my goodness, she made Shirley cry!! Motsi: “You did so little but you said so much.”

Don’t get this Pokemon thing at all, it has always and probably always will pass me by. The song is a distracting rip off of Toto. Not sure this is Will’s dance, he’s trying to do the banana but it doesn’t look quite polished enough.

Depressed Kelvin eating grapes in the corner is adorable. I personally don’t think Oti choreographs enjoyable Charlestons. They’re good enough and the judges loved it but when they started handing out 10s, I had to go back and watch a second time to see what I’d missed. It was better on the second viewing but I’m sure there was a dodgy lift or two - how can it be a 10?

Viscountess Emma, good acting but a really boring dance.

Lovely Anneka - the idea is weird, really, and the dancing is not good. No bounce, no swivel, nothing. It felt like she had given up by the end of it.

Saffron was a bit wobbly in places, but really good character. I agreed with Bruno that the theme didn’t really help with the Spanish intention of the dance - there really weren’t any Spanish lines and obviously no cape work, but the intense faces were in full force.

Mike, just… no. Went wrong a couple of times but impressed he can do the dolphin. Motsi: “I love to watch how you interpret dancing.” Not a compliment. Overmarked.

I didn’t know you could actually drive a Batmobile, where did they get it from? Also, he said “I am Batman,” which is not it. The one thing he David James wanted to do was share his personality more and I don’t think wearing a mask helps that.

Anton as Austin Powers! Good salsa, a bit careful, you can tell it’s not coming naturally to sparkly Emma, but again better than I was expecting. Teeth-gate is. so. awkward.

Dev is TOO BLUE. I’ve not seen Couples Choice before, it’s interesting. Eek. The blue has gone everywhere. Sweating in blue is not my favourite.

So we all know by now that Anneka was ousted from the show and by all accounts she’s not happy with the song choice or some of the decisions made by the producers which is interesting. She was never going to get too far into the competition but it’s a shame for her to be gone so soon. Must be David’s turn next week.

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