Life's a gas

Published October 8, 2019

Purple bubbles

Hey, remember when I wrote about buying a Soda Stream to replace the endless bottles of sparkling water I was wasting? Well, I just had to change the gas canister and it got even more awesome. Firstly, that’s lasted just over three months, which is longer than I’d expected and has saved a really significant number of plastic bottles. Secondly, the replacement canister I bought was just a bit more than £20 so it’s also saved a significant amount of cash.

Even better than that, and I hadn’t realised this was an option when I bought in, but the packaging for the replacement canister encourages a refill policy. Head on over to a participating store (and there are loads, Argos, local DIYs and more), hand over the empty canister and get a full one at a reduced price (£12 in this case).

That means you’re saving even more money and not buying up loads of canisters for no good reason. This is such a good idea, I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to get on board. And not only that, creating the bubbles has not yet gotten old, so tasting the bubbles from what was ordinary tap water is still a novelty surprise every time. Here’s to three more months’ worth of sparkles!

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