A wonder and a marvel

Published September 9, 2019

Having gotten through the Avengers Endgame ordeal with only minor spoilers, attention now turns back to Agents of Shield. Previous seasons, we have paused watching this show because there are links to the big bad Marvel world and we didn’t want to go around spoiling ourselves as that would just be silly.

Agents of Shield logo

Turns out, we needn’t have worried. There aren’t any spoilers in season six of Agents of Shield, due to several reasons.

From the season’s Wikipedia page:

…they began production on the season without knowing all of Endgame’s plot or how Spider-Man: Far From Home would be depicting a post-Endgame MCU; they were unsure when the season would be released in relation to Endgame and how much they would be allowed to reveal if they had begun airing before the film was released; and they wanted to focus on telling their own story rather than be “shackled too much to the universe-changing events from the films”.

That last bit, emphasis mine, only goes to highlight how hard it is now to be part of the sprawling MCU. It’s all fun and games when you’ve got one Iron Man here and a Hulk there. But when it’s a world-changing, potentially extinction-level event in the movies, and you also have a TV show wanting to do something, it all starts to get complicated.

My favourite bit is this though:

They acknowledged that this meant the series no longer lined-up with the films’ timeline, but Whedon said the writers had an explanation for this that made sense to them even though they did not plan to “burden the audience” with it.

I, along with everyone else, assume this means that they don’t actually have an explanation for it, but the excuse is terrible. Because the last thing Marvel fans want is more information, right? They’re fine just going with the flow and not questioning it.

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