Avengers: Endgame

Published August 19, 2019

Avengers: Endgame

Film info

  • Title Avengers: Endgame
  • Directors Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
  • Year 2019
  • Run time 3hrs 1m
  • Genres Action, Adventure, Science Fiction
  • Tagline Part of the journey is the end

The fourth installment in the Avengers saga is the culmination of 22 interconnected Marvel films and the climax of an epic journey. The world's greatest heroes will finally understand just how fragile our reality is - and the sacrifices that must be made to uphold it - in a story of friendship, teamwork and setting aside differences to overcome an impossible obstacle.

Live blog

Time Comment
2:06 Still not okay with the disappearing people. F*** this universe.
8:19 Yay, Captain Marvellous!
11:51 “We’re the Avengers, not the Pre-vengers.”
15:11 Gawd, I mean it’s almost the twenty minute rule and the credits haven’t even rolled yet!
19:31 People really like adding axes to their existing weapons.
20:41 What the hell is the rest of this film about then?
26:18 Can’t believe Ant-Man didn’t wanna check for the other two whilst he was there.
32:54 “I get emails from a racoon, nothing sounds crazy anymore.”
42:23 “I figured it out… Time travel.” So casual.
49:53 Yay Valkyrie! Hearts.
50:59 “Beers in the bucket, feel free to log in to the wifi.” ARGH, I forgot how much I love Korg. Makes up for fat Thor anyway.
59:49 I love them massively debunking all time travel films. Throw them under the bus much.
1:09:45 I should be loving this. Behind the scenes of all the history is right up my street. But it’s too taxing.
1:11:12 Really gone vs kinda gone.
1:19:34 Genius. I miss the good old days when it was just Shield v Hydra.
1:40:19 Wow, the 1970s now. We are zipping about all over the place.
1:44:35 Why is history so painful?
1:54:27 It’s NOT okay. Until the last few movies she was the only kick-ass woman we had.
2:06:16 This is beyond a rollercoaster.
2:13:56 It can’t be right that Captain America is a better Thor than Thor.
2:20:14 He’s been in it literally ten seconds, Spider-Man has stolen the show.
2:40:15 “Ima get you all the cheeseburgers you want.”
2:48:31 But where’s the hammer?


Let’s begin this with the fact that I got spoiled just a week before watching, which is really annoying. I’m not that fussed about spoilers really, and it certainly didn’t ruin the movie (that happened plenty enough by itself) but it’s just frustrating to have done so well this time and be just a few days out!

Anyway, it’s worth repeating some of the things I said in my review for the first part of this Avengers two-part extravaganza Infinity War:

  • “You have to start remembering and knowing and doing your homework and keeping track of so many characters in the same place, it starts to become less like fun and more like a chore.”
  • “Too many characters with a story that felt elongated and boring, the odds were too stacked against everyone and it all felt pointless.”
  • “Slightly dodgy effects on Thanos - who looked okay but seemed just a step too far for the graphics to fully integrate him into the real world.”
  • “I loved pretty much everything Spider-Man did.”

All of the above is still true for Endgame. I rated Infinity War a 1 out of 5, and this movie gets a 2 because it left me slightly less despondent and down in the dumps about everything. But only marginally.

There was more to like in here. They did the time travel thing I like of revisiting existing activities from a different angle (seeing Starlord dancing outside of his headphones was hilarious), only slightly tinged by not being able to remember it all from first time round.

On the flip side, it called out pretty much every time travel movie for being nonsense but didn’t have a particularly better idea or set of rules to do any better. The loopholes left open were just as numerous as in Hot Tub Time Machine.

The characters being funny together was as good as always - the banter, the quips, but everyone was slightly on edge so it didn’t quite pack the punch it usually does. The movie had a weird pacing to it, all out action followed by very slow moments, and culminating in a big ol' battle scene that I care little for.

I don’t know. It was entertaining enough. LONG. But if you took out all the fan service, was it actually a good movie? I don’t think it was, and the more I think about it, the more I don’t like it. So I’ll stop now before I downgrade it to another 1 / 5.

Rating: 2 / 5

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