Not afraid of the dark

Published August 7, 2019

Dark Mode has been available on macOS for a while now but Apple are bringing it to mobile devices when iOS 13 is released in September. In preparation for this, I’ve added support for Dark Mode on this blog, and it’s soooooo pretty! in Dark Mode

This is a huge step for the site, not just because Dark Mode is a nice feature, easier on the eyes, and a great option to have for reading content on the web. But also, because I’m no longer beholden to Wordpress to make it available, or to the theme makers to enable it.

If you’ve got macOS Mojave or a beta of iOS 13, you can see the site in all its dark glory. Otherwise in September, the functionality will be available on iPhones and iPads too. Hooray for stepping out of the dark ages and into dark mode!

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