Holy bluh, that's a lot going on there

Published August 7, 2019

Tennis tournaments quite often gather their sports stars together to do small promotional stunts to promote the event. You know the kind of thing, holding koala bears in Australia, or visiting the Great Wall in China.

The Rogers Cup in Canada has a different take on this - getting a selection of WTA players to try and guess which of four cups is proper maple syrup. This seems like a totally unfair challenge, partly because actual Canadians are taking part who must have an advantage, and also because they’ve got honey as one of the options and honey and maple syrup are pretty similar.

Nevertheless, it’s fun, if only to see Halep refusing to take any extra sugars on board. Got a physique to maintain, dontchaknow?

As well as getting all the players hyped up on sugar, the tournament promoters also decided to get the players to give their tips on press conference etiquette. I love this, mostly because it’s scripted and wooden as hell, but also because it’s just plain adorable.

One of our biggest complaints as Formula One fans was getting access and insight into the driver’s personalities. Videos like this were crucial for any glimpse of what made them tick. I don’t think you have the same problem with tennis, you get quite a good idea of personalities from the courts but even so, these videos are still little gems.

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