Don't call me, call Kevin

Published March 24, 2019

A while back I stumbled across the YouTube channel of Call Me Kevin, a gamer who posts ten minute videos of how brilliant he is at doing badly. The commentary makes it all, of course, hilarious thoughts as he manages to create sprawling Sims houses with grumpy adults bumping into each other, or horrifying zoos with enclosures stuffed to the brim with hippos and the occasional keeper trying to keep a lid on the madness.

Recently, Call Me Kevin started up a new Twitch stream and somehow I was watching for that very first and quite stressful opening gambit. Oh, it brought back the glorious days of desperately trying to get on with a live stream whilst also battling any number of technical difficulties, software that doesn’t do what it says it’ll do, sound not appearing where you think it should, and all the fun of the fair.

That first stream went on for about two and a half hours, and unfortunately I had to duck out before any gaming actually happened. Next time, I tuned in, and have to admit the game being played wasn’t that interesting to me, but the stream was still highly entertaining. When you find the right people to follow on Twitch, it sort of doesn’t matter what they’re playing.

I was quite late to the party in terms of CallMeKevin’s videos on YouTube (1.8m subscribers!) but I was in early doors for the Twitch stream and I’m watching this space with great fascination.

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