Mr C’s top five songs of 2018

Published December 31, 2018

For the second year in a row, Mr C’s top five lists have been limited to songs rather than both music and films - and that’s partly because we spent a lot of the year watching 80s movies, and partly because he could only think of Black Panther as a stand out watch.

I don’t think film-land is so bad but hey, this is his space to get listing so please find below, Mr C’s thoughts on the year in music, followed by the top five songs from the past twelve months, and finally the shortlist from which he was choosing.

Coming off the back of an exceptional 2017, it looked like it might be a tricky year for music especially with no Glastonbury - a place where we often find new acts and new music. There was also no iTunes Music festival, as that’s been canned.

So, it looked like it might be a troublesome year, however, a third, maybe two thirds of the way through the year it was clear there was still a decent selection of music around, a decent selection of artists. There was a good cross-section: we had a bit of country, we had pop music. Pop music made a good come back in 2018, a lot of good, really solid pop records.

Also, musicals featured more heavily this year than I would have perhaps expected/wanted. I think P!nk’s entry of A Million Dreams is my first ever musical entry in my shortlist, it hasn’t made the top five but that’s a worrying sign for the future.

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2019, Glastonbury obviously returns which is going to be a big thing. Pop music is still in its ascendancy so we’re looking for more amazing pop tunes this coming year.

To wrap up: 2018 was better than expected, a solid year in its own right and with much music to love."

1 - Get Out, CHVRCHES

2 - Fine Line, Mabel & Not3s

3 - Don’t Give In, Snow Patrol

4 - Hold My Girl, George Ezra

5 - Missing U, Robyn

The shortlist

Mr C’s top five shortlist

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