Screen time after time

Published October 21, 2018

There’s quite a few neat things that have been introduced in Apple’s latest software update for iPhones and iPads, but today I’ve been thinking about the new Screen Time feature. It’s on my mind today because Sunday morning is when the report pops up and tells you just how well you’ve managed to waste your week.

As a concept, Screen Time is a really good addition. More information is always better, and when I got the very first Screen Time report, I immediately deleted an app that was clearly taking up far too much of my daily life. Since then, my reports have been pretty consistent, but I haven’t yet dug into the vast amount of detail that is available within the Screen Time pages.

I’ve always been in two minds about things like setting app limits and time out screens. I can see why that would be useful as a parent but for my own device, I have always hoped that I can make decisions like that on my own without having to set a nanny on me. However, I am starting to see the use of it, because it’s not about not being able to make decisions, it’s about allowing yourself time off but not indulging in too much of it, setting rewards and goals and just generally trying to live a more creative and less consumer lifestyle.

I’m all about that.

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