In the wrong gear

Published October 25, 2018

You’ll have seen, no doubt, the recent news that a fresh batch of Top Gear hosts have been announced. If I’m honest, I had forgotten that Matt Le Blanc was leaving and when I saw the new names, that wave of disappointment hit me all over again. The last series of Top Gear wasn’t perfect but it was good and entertaining and had a spark of what made Top Gear great in the first place. It also had a sense of inclusion, what with the variety of people featured and the lack of divisive commentary.

The new names, competent as I’m sure they are, do not do it for me at all.

But that’s okay, because we have The Grand Tour, don’t we?

Er, no.

The first series was generally okay because it felt familiar.

But I spent all of the second series gripping the arms of the sofa in pure fear about what potentially offensive and usually disgusting thing was going to pop out of the trio’s mouths next. The films were as stunning and technically awe-inspiring as ever, but the words… the banter… ugh, that’s just not how I want to spend my time.

So we’ve reached a point where I’m not bothered about watching Top Gear or Grand Tour and actually, I’m okay with it.

I had limited amounts of petrolhead in me anyway, and now I’m so much more interested in where the automotive industry is going and wishing it would get there quickly. Arguing about which car that can get to 0-60 in zero something seconds is of little consequence.

Mr C tweeted, when the news broke:

Tweet from Mr C: “With BBC ruining the lineup for Top Gear and the Grand Tour a manifesto for toxic masculinity, the onyl car show worth watching on TV nowadays is @FullyChargedShw”

And I agree. What I have seen of Fully Charged is exceptional. I’ll admit it doesn’t quite grab my attention for full episodes at a time, but the production is great for what must be a fraction of the BBC/Amazon’s budget. And the sentiment is exactly what I’m looking for. I might not agree with everything but enthusiasm for the future is the tone that will keep me watching.

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