Putting the stud in Studland

Published October 13, 2018

It feels a bit incongruous to write about the beautiful sunny days of summer when autumn has more than arrived, but I want to catch up the final two stretches of South West Coast Path we walked this year, before settling down to make plans for the next batch.

So, after finding the start of the path, our next adventure was another that came about by accident – we hadn’t particularly been planning on finding the other end of the national trail, but I sort of had an inkling in my head as we drew nearer and nearer that we could make it happen. A glorious blue sky was overhead when we rocked up to the beautiful Studland.

South West Coast Path

Our mission had been to find a beach and boy did we succeed – a gorgeous, unhindered stretch of sand that we ended up just walking and walking along, dipping our toes in the water and putting the world to rights.

South West Coast Path

Of course, this stretch of beach does include a portion that is dedicated to nudists and that was an interesting ten minutes or so. Out the other side and we rounded the corner to see the chain ferry in action and our destination.

South West Coast Path

I read later that there’s a compass inset into the ground which you can’t make out in any of the pictures I took. I wish I’d known about it sooner, because I was too busy looking at the top half of the sculpture. The first of no doubt many rookie mistakes.

At this point in our journey, Mr C was still highly dubious about the whole South West Coast Path adventure. I wrote previously that he figured seeing as we had found both ends that was probably enough. Unfortunately for him, my appetite had only been whetted by the whole experience and I couldn’t wait to find the next stretch of path we could follow.

South West Coast Path map

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