A view to change hearts and minds

Published October 14, 2018

Our third and final South West Coast Path adventure of the summer was all about cliffs. The theme of our adventures so far has been spontaneity and this was another one that we hadn’t really planned out. It was the kind of trip that saw us driving along a coast road and eventually just deciding to take the next left turn to end up at a beach.

Unfortunately, the beach we ended up at wasn’t that inspiring, so instead, we decided to follow the acorn which took us climbing up some pretty steep cliffs. It was hard work, but it was so, ridiculously, worth it. These are the kind of views that you see on TV… and views you just can’t look away from.

South West Coast Path

We passed beaches, cliffs and even little mini fort bunker things, which made it one of the best walks ever. We went further than we had anticipated, as Mr C kept saying “let’s just see what’s around this corner,” and that’s when I knew I had him hooked. If he wasn’t convinced about the SWCP deal before, he certainly was after this.

South West Coast Path

Three walks in and our project is properly kicked off… just in time for winter!

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