Diaries with friends

Published January 19, 2018

I love Dawn French enormously. She recently released a new book/diary, wherein she shares her thoughts and feelings and lists and photos throughout the year, and you do the same. It’s an interactive sort of book, where there are plenty of spaces for you to add your own notes and doodles, over and above the actual space for diary entries.

I love Dawn French so much that I have done two things I wouldn’t normally do: bought a physical book, and then written in it.

Dawn French collage

It’s gorgeous and uplifting and encouraging, and I’m using it as a way of keeping track of inspiration and gratitude and general optimism.

Dawn’s been sharing photos of what other people are doing with their books, and whilst I don’t think I can be as creative as these in terms of art and doodling, I can already see that this book and I are going to be good friends this year.

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