Red Rock around the clock

Published August 19, 2017

I was planning on publishing another update to my Adventures in Netflix series, but was waiting until I’d watched one more series of something. Unfortunately, any Netflix watching I had planned has been delayed as I’ve become totally obsessed with Red Rock – an Irish police drama that airs on the BBC during the daytime, the iPlayer whenever you want, and I believe on Amazon Video as well.

Red Rock

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of Dublin in our household, so the concept of a soap based in the Dublin area was quickly my favourite thing. At first, I was just enamoured by the scenery and the accents, but I soon became caught up in the story as well. A few inter-twining plots make up this soap, with your traditional Romeo and Juliet love story, alongside a particularly creepy grooming storyline as well as cops going bad, family loyalties and plenty more.

I missed the series when it was originally on the BBC last year, and discovered it when it was repeated ahead of the second. The second series is now halfway through, and as it airs every single day, I’ve been struggling to keep up. Weekends become Red Rock marathons, and there’s not much time for watching anything else. But it’s totally worth it.

I highly recommend the show for anyone that has a fondness for the Irish accent or is just interested in daytime police soap drama. And hey, watch this space for my next trip to Dublin wherein I accidentally go searching for filming locations.

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