Adventures in Netflix

Published May 14, 2017

Every time I finish watching a Netflix original show, I keep thinking I should write about it and then I never do. So gathered here are some thoughts on the things I have watched over the last few months, probably in reverse order.

13 Reasons Why

Lots of fuss about this one and I can see why. It is surprisingly graphic in content, and tells a depressing story from start to finish. It’s well made and gradually grabs your attention, but I’m not sure it’s the best TV I’ve ever witnessed. I’m not sure which side of the debate I fall on, but I guess I’m glad that it’s raised awareness of topics like teen suicide. That can only be a good thing. Not sure how a second series would work, aside from the loose threads, this feels like a self-contained story.


Really wanted to like this, and Britt does a great job, but I only got four or five episodes in. The trouble is, the character of Sophia just isn’t very likeable. And more than that, people seem to keep helping her out even though all she does is shout and swear at them and rarely redeems herself. It just annoyed me.

Santa Clarita Diet

I was surprised by this one, because I thought it would be your run of the mill sitcom, with a zombie twist. But no, give it a few minutes and you’ve got the disturbing scene of Drew Barrymore chewing on internal organs! Once you get past the first episode though, it starts to gather momentum and the series gets better and better once it goes on. I really thought Tim Olyphant stole the show, with his desperately trying to keep a grip on reality as his family sinks further and further into the zombie mess.

Designated Survivor

Watched the first ten episodes of this before it halted, and now I see there are more for me to catch up on. It’s a little bit stilted, and the dialogue is clunky as hell, but I really like the premise. Rather than being a kick-ass Jack Bauer, Kiefer is, instead, a slightly bumbling but inspirational impromptu president. The mystery is intriguing, so I’m bearing with the occasional scripting faux pas to find out what is happening and who is behind it all!

The Crown

This was such a beautiful show, you can see every single penny that was spent on it plastered across the screen. Moving performances from everyone involved, incredible sets and shots, and a fascinating story with plenty of things about the Royal Family that I didn’t know. The only issue I have with it is it left me with a vaguely unhappy feeling having watched ten hours of people doing things they really just don’t want to do.

Stranger Things

At first I wasn’t totally sure I understood the fuss about this one, sure the opening credits were great with the vividly eighties music and that deep-rooted feeling of unease. Gradually, the brilliant group of kids (Millie obviously a highlight) and the general twists and turns of the story kept me watching. I’m not totally sure I get it, and I was disappointed that Winona’s role mostly involved hysterical crying and switching lights on and off, but certainly worth a look at the second series.

There’s so much Netflix content out there, it’s hard to know what to watch next. I haven’t tried Iron Fist or Luke Cage, as I loved Jessica Jones, but then wasn’t so bothered about the other one about the lawyer and sort of lost track after that. I managed half an episode of Grace & Frankie, but I am not the target audience. Also didn’t get more than ten minutes into Master of None, but may have to try that again now I know more of Aziz Ansari’s work. Also, at some point, now that it’s been impossible not to learn something about politics over the past year or so, I could test out House of Cards and see what all the fuss is about there.

And if all that fails, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is returning soon, with Orange is the New Black not far behind. I’m very excited to see what series five of OITNB contains as series four was so very good.

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