Review overview with Goodreads statistics

Published July 9, 2017

I was perusing the Goodreads site for a while early today when I noticed their stats page. I haven’t really delved into this side of things much, other than looking at the count of books I’ve read each year. What was I hyped up on in 2014 for goodness’ sake?

Today I spotted this graph of books by publication date by read date. Forgive me for this self indulgence, but what an interesting way to view reading habits!

Goodreads statistics

The big gap to the left is just where I caught up a load of book reviews then went through a period where I wasn’t reading much and if I was, I wasn’t reviewing anything. Then things start to pick up again. I love that the top line is gradually moving forward with each year - I’m reading plenty of current stuff.

And you can see during the 2012-2014 period where I was working through my Big Read list and delving into lots of classics. Now I’m almost done with that list, there’s a lot less older material on my reading list.

I also really like the areas where you can see me catching up on series’, like the two I have highlighted: Harry Potter and The Wizard of Oz.

I’d never really thought about my reading habits in terms of published era, and this is a great way to view those stats. Also, what a great combination of subjects: maths and books.

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