Playing favourites at Wimbledon

Published July 11, 2017

Usually when I watch sports, I am looking for a good game/match/race, and may have a favourite in the mix but as long as it’s a good battle or an impressive display, then I’m happy. Over the last six months or so, I’ve been investing myself into the WTA tournaments so that now I have a handful of favourites, for a variety of different reasons.

Somehow, I’ve escaped without any of them meeting each other when it really matters, but now, on the second Tuesday of Wimbledon, the inevitable has happened.

Halep vs Konta. What’s a girl to do?

I like Konta because she plays with a no-nonsense attitude, seems good at holding in the emotions until after the match is won or lost, and has been gradually improving her way to the top rather than leaping into the spotlight out of nowhere. The British coverage of her can be a bit trying, particularly when there are other stories to take note of, but her performance at Wimbledon this year is undeniably one of the big stories. First time she got past the second round, the third round, into the quarters. First British female since the 1980s. First time we had a male and female Brit in the quarters for since the 1970s. These are just interesting and feel good stories.

Plus I saw her play at Wimbledon last Monday, so.

Konta at Wimbledon

On the other hand, I’ve been so intrigued by Halep lately. The relationship she has with her coach Darren Cahill (who I really would like to have coach me through just general day to day life), and the big fall out they had, the reconciliation, the way you can see she is improving and learning that tenacity and never-say-die attitude that is required to get to the finals and to take home the trophies. She’s never won a grand slam which is amazing because she’s been playing well for a long time. And now she has a chance, and there’s also the opportunity to take the number one spot in the world rankings. No pressure.

I want both of these women to win. I think they both play exceptionally well and have great stories to go with their games. What do you do? I’ve not been conflicted like this about a sporting endeavour for a long time. Still, at least the agony will be over in just a few short hours.

Unless Venus Williams also wins.

Because then she’ll play the winner of the Konta/Halep match.

And as we established on that Monday I was at Wimbledon, I think Williams is a goddess.

Venus Williams at Wimbledon


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