A new year means a productivity reboot

Published January 2, 2017

Although I’ve stopped making specific New Year’s Resolutions (for the most part), there’s always one thing that I try and reboot each January 1st and that is being organised and staying productive. Whether it is trying out a new task list software, or actually finding a use for the notebooks I buy when I raid stationery shops, it is really difficult to end the year in the cool, calm state I start it.

This year’s ideas include the following:

  • Having a list of smaller, repetitive tasks that I can do every day to stop them becoming a larger weekly chore.
  • This post from Fast Company has some interesting ideas on it but the one that I find most inspiring is the second one. Picking just one goal for each day and getting it done. “By acknowledging I had limited time, limited bandwidth, and too much to do, and forcing myself to choose just one thing and getting it done every day, I wound up accomplishing some of my most important goals.”
  • Mindfulness. With Apple introducing the Breathe app on the Watch, and mindfulness apps springing up all over the place, it’s hard to ignore. It’s one of those things that seems a bit odd (breathing helps? thanks for that) but those that do it really speak volumes of its benefits. There’s some tips in Tom Daley’s new book, which is worth a look.
  • Do Nothing Days! I always have a bit of guilt when I’m not working flat out or being creative or working on my to do list. But sometimes you need time out, and if it’s scheduled in, then there’s no way I can feel guilt about that, right? It’s all part of the plan!
  • Another good post I found is about the bad habits that need breaking. I definitely want to get a better sleep pattern going and maybe take a look at the multi-tasking thing. As everyone’s favourite guru Ron Swanson says: “Never half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.”

Whole ass one thing

Here’s to a great year!

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