Going above and beyond

Published May 25, 2016

A new trailer for the third installment of the Star Trek reboot was released recently and it looks quite a lot like the previous two!

This time, however, it’s co-written by Simon Pegg and directed by Justin Lin, who played a big part in getting me hooked on the Fast and Furious franchise (something I’m still not totally over!)

J.J. Abrams has had to hand over the baton to another director, busy as he has been with bringing Star Wars back to life, and that might make this third film an interesting proposition. I loved the first two, even if I didn’t totally understand the time-bending logic that rewrote all of history in the second film. I know a lot of people didn’t feel the same, and there was some furore when the first teaser trailer for Beyond came out. Even Pegg himself wasn’t too happy with how the first trailer looked, but he’s been more complimentary about this one.

It’s so important to get a trailer right, as it can be the key thing that makes someone watch a film or not. In this case, I like this trailer and I like Star Trek, so there’s no doubt this one is going to get a Film Watch review at some point.

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