Girl on the Train(line)

Published January 3, 2016

I’ve caught a couple of trains over the festive period, and whilst this is not particularly exciting news, it has been a while since I’ve travelled on the railway. I wanted to test out the Trainline app, which recently updated to include in-app purchasing via Apple Pay, and my findings were thus: HOW did any of us manage to navigate train travel without this app?

From the off, it is insanely helpful. You search where you’re travelling from and to, and are presented with all the options alongside details of how long it’ll take, how much it’ll cost and how many changes you’ll have to make along the way. There’s even details of the facilities and opening hours of each station - in case you need to make sure there’s somewhere to get a coffee!

If you opt to buy via the app, you get a ticket code that can be redeemed at the station (although I think they’re desperately trying to move towards just having to wave your phone in the right direction and not have to bother with physical tickets - hoorah!). They email you details of your trip, including what the weather will be like - both of my trips had recommendations to travel with an umbrella, typical.

At the station, ticket printed, you can check real time updates about the trains, their locations and estimated times of arrival. I encountered a bit of drama with a cancelled and re-established train at one point and amazingly, the Trainline app had all the information before the station announcers had even cottoned on. I’d managed to plan which other train I could catch and how best I could navigate the situation, before the departure boards had updated. It was incredible.

Train lines pattern

I’m definitely late to the Trainline party, they’ve been providing tickets and information for over a decade. But I’m so happy to have found it now, because it made travelling via train completely seamless (as much as delays and cancellations allowed for, anyway) and provided the one thing that frustrated travellers need to ease their woes: up to date information.

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