Saving the mascot

Published August 5, 2014

When I got back from the US, I was very enthusiastic to be a new baseball convert. Watching that game up close and personal was quite the revolutionary experience.

Except, I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched more than about an hour or two since I’ve been back. I’m never sure when it’s on TV and I don’t really have the same time to focus on it as you do when you’re sitting in the stands.

Whilst I’ve missed out on the actual sport, I have been keeping an eye on the mascot. Orbit, who I mentioned before is the best mascot I’ve ever seen, has his own Twitter account and shares lots of fun photos and videos.

The latest, really shows what a good bunch of people surround Orbit and the game of baseball. Orbit begins by minding his own business playing with a doll of himself, Houston Astros mascot, and one of a rival Toronto Blue Jays player. Chaos ensues when the player, José Bautista, actually steps in and gets involved.

Such cuteness. Bautista, the lifesaver! Now, where can I get one of those Orbit dolls?

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